Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Backpack Multi-function Waterproof

$55.60 $35.99

1. Easy Open-close Multi-compartment Design 
The top main compartment can open and close easily due to a collapsible metal frame design, You can easily see and get all the baby supplies you need. It is a personalized organization that has enough internal space to allow you to quickly organize baby toys, baby bibs, clothes, wallets, cell phones, iPad, books and so on.

2. Dry and Wet Separation
Wet cloth or diapers can be put in the waterproof pocket separated from dry cloths and diapers.

3. Wipes & Tissues Pull-out Exterior Side Pockets
It has a zipper on the side surface. If you put the baby wipes & tissues inside, you can roll the baby wipes & tissues out easily from the zipper. The zipper was soft and will not damage the baby wipes & tissues. When not using it, You can close the zipper to keep it clean.

4. Insulated Milk Bottle Holder Pockets
There are 3 bottle holders in the front of the bag separated from other baby items. These 3 holders with insulation layer of tin foil can keep warm or cold for hours.

5. Key & Sanitizer Holder
It has a key holder, You can easily get your key and hanging hand sanitizer.

6. Material And Product Dimensions
(Black and purple) outer layer is nylon, (Orange and blue-purple) outer layer is polyester, All internal materials are polyester. Besides, We use oxford cloth as a waterproof material, The lining of our diaper bag also has a layer of high quality material that makes the package look more sturdy.

– Brand by Heinerrs

Weight 1.61 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 11.9 × 1.7 in


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